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Every time I talk to Tony about getting up to find a way out of the troubles we are facing, he keeps saying “God will do it”. We are in massive debt, our children have been sent away from school because we can no longer afford their tuition, our house has been used as collateral for the loan we took about 2 years ago. In a year, if we do not pay the loan, we will lose our home. I get
so enraged when I see my husband Tony sleeping till 8 or 9 am at dawn. If I attempt to talk to him about his plans, all Tony has to say is that God will do it. We fought the last time he said that to me, we fought so much that it seemed like I do not believe in God.
I am a believer, God is my creator, my Lord, personal savior, and all but I also have this understanding that God will never do for us what we humans will not do for ourselves. The Bible says it all that God is not mocked, whatever a man sows, that also shall he reap. My greatest challenge has always been how to transfer this understanding to my husband as well. I made up my mind that the only way out is to take action in hopes that if things can work again, my husband will know that God is not a magician. We have control over our lives to do whatever we will with it.

The first step I took was to find a way to settle our debts because if I try to start a business, the loan could swallow that alongside our home. It is meaningless trying to start a business when there is no hope of where to lay your head in the coming year. So, I searched on the internet for a good credit repair company and Credit Sorcerer popped up. I read the reviews about the company and discovered that so many people recommended this company. I hired them and voilà, my story is now a sweet one. My favorite part of the story is that while they collated our credit report, they explained to my husband how a credit score works and why he needs to have a good one. Today, Tony is conscious of his credit and he acts like an enlightened person who is more aware that one has to be intentional about fixing his or her life. I felt so proud when I overheard my husband tell his friend, “God will not do it for you, God will only back what you do for you.”

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